Aqua-Treat, Inc. specializes in the engineering, design, installation and maintenance of a comprehensive water treatment program that will meet the requirements and specifications of tower applications. Our system engineers will custom design a program specifically for your particular towers, chillers and associated equipment, and our technicians will implement the program assuring you of a system that is free of corrosion, scale and micro-biological contamination.

We provide and install state-of-the-art microprocessor controllers, each of which is completely field programmable allowing us to “dial in” exactly the parameters for conductivity control, bleed, along with the appropriate injection of inhibitor and biocide products. System water samples are taken upon each visit to your site. These samples are analyzed on the spot, evaluated and compared to our system goals and any required adjustments are made immediately to the controllers and/or the injection pumps. This process insures our program stays within the parameters we have engineered for each individual facility.

Particular attention is paid to the prevention of microbiological growth, both in the tower itself as well as in the surrounding proximity. This growth, algae and other forms of micro-organisms, if left untreated can quickly evolve into hazardous viruses, including the potentially deadly Legionella virus. We vary the biocides we use in each system so as to prevent these organisms from developing immunity to any one single product. By means of alternating our biocides, we greatly minimize the advent of any potential growth developing. Our biocides are custom blended for us and are designed to not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but to also be “friendly” to the systems they treat.

These comprehensive programs keep your systems running clean and at optimum efficiency. Towers and surrounding areas are kept safe and bacteria free, protecting the technicians who work on them as well as tenants, students and all other personnel who may have occasion to enter into their proximity. Please invite us to show you additional details of our custom tailored cooling tower treatment programs.

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